CHIDA · Holiday & Trip Planners was born as an idea of a “world citizens” group seeking to develop a differential concept, a unique and distinctive service in the world of tourism; a multisensory and personalized experience that takes the passenger to live those dreamed places…

The Team


Co Founder
Sales – Hospitality Specialization
T0urism Degree and Marketing & Comercial Management MBA.
With enthusiasm to meet and share new cultures, from her native Salta she traveled around Argentina and countries such as Canada, United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Russia, Greece, South Africa, Malaysia, China, and Japan.
At a professional level, she worked in the Ministry of Tourism of Salta, was manager of the Portal de los Andes Hotel and Pro-secretary of the Tourism Chamber of San Rafael, Mendoza. She is currently living in Neuquen.


Co Founder
Sales – Aerial Specialization
Executive with more than 15 years in Marketing & Communication.
Originally from Salta, he is a great fan of traveling and has traveled to several countries in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Cuba), Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Italy) and America (Brazil, Peru and the USA), being a fan of Europe, especially Italy. In addition, he has traveled much of Argentina territory.
He worked at LG, Banco Rio semento Corporate, EuroAssistance, where he began his desire to undertake in the world of tourism. His other passion: playing basketball at Club Atlético River Plate.


Co Founder
Marketing & Business Development
Public Relations Degree with more than 12 years of Marketing experience
Raised in Ushuaia, his traveling passion defines him. He traveled Argentina and lived in the USA & Australia.
He traveled for a sabbatical year around the world and fell in love with Thailand, Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and discovered places like Malaysia, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, England, Easter Island, Macchu Pichu & Brazil.
On a professional level, he was Marketing Manager at Bodegas Escorihuela Gascón & Ernesto Catena Vineyards and worked at Samsung Electronics.
Boca Juniors, basketball & ski fanatic.

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Our Values

PASSION: We love what we do. It is our main reason of being.
WARMTH: Attention in every concern or query you may have.
QUALITY: In all the experience and with all the strategic partners with whom we work to provide a transcendental service.
PROFESSIONALISM: Doing things with passion leads us to be “detail oriented” so that you can relax during the whole experience.
CONFIDENCE AND SAFETY: This is what we generate in our fellow travelers.
HAPPINESS: It is the origin of our name, the ultimate goal of everything we do and what we seek to generate in our friends in each experience.


Emissive and Receptive Tourism

From Argentina to the world and for all those who want to explore the charms of our country.


Air, transfers and all types of land and sea transport.


Reservation and selection of hotels, cabins. Apartments.

Personalized Experiences

According to the socio-economic profile of each passenger.

Group Packages

Group with preferential prices.

Travel Insurance

Security and response through the most prestigious companies worldwide.

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